We develop apps for smartphones, tablets, PDAs and PCs running Microsoft Windows

We design and build apps for Microsoft Windows running on smartphones, tablets, PDAs and computers to suit your specification and budget. Depending on your requirements, we have the skills and experience to create an app that targets almost any device or system that runs Windows, from the current cutting-edge Windows 8 range (including desktop, Windows Phone and Windows RT) to the old corporate-favoured Windows CE/Windows Mobile platform.

We can publish Windows apps on the Windows Store and we can provide the means to sell and distribute apps via your own website or even distribute apps internally within your organisation.

We can help you reach your business’ target audience, regardless of whether you wish to provide access to services for your customers or your employees, by providing your users with the ultimate native application experience that integrates with the rich functionality available on Windows smartphones, tablets, PDAs and PCs.

By working closely with you and your business, we can deliver an exceptional solution from design through to implementation that goes above and beyond your service objectives.

A modern substantial Windows app is more than just a software application that is published on the Windows Store. Sophisticated users now expect their apps to be kept up-to-date and synchronised wherever they are, however they use them. At Cellcode, our philosophy is that our products are software-as-a-service; we can publish updates to your app on an ongoing basis and we can provide rich connectivity solutions, such as cloud-based storage, centralised databases, media streaming, usage analytics, geolocation gates and push notifications, to ensure your users make use of your app’s full potential and keep coming back for more.

We can also provide cross-platform solutions that will ensure your app is also available to iOS and Android users too.

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