Apps for web, iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows currently available and in development.

Explore West Cork

Company: West Cork People
Platform: Apple iPhone, iPod touch and iPad (iOS Universal) – Android version coming soon
Status: Version 1.0.1 available on the iTunes App Store

Explore West Cork is the only guide you will ever need when visiting West Cork, Ireland. This free Universal app is available for iPhone and iPad and allows users to immediately access up-to-date maps and information for all towns and villages in the area – from history and bio-diversity to activities and services. The area has some of the best walking routes in Europe, including the famous Beara Way, and you’ll find maps of the routes as well as tips on what to look out for along the way.

West Cork is famed for its dramatic landscape which includes mountains, valleys and coastline. Such unspoilt beauty means that in some areas users cannot connect to the internet. To counter this our app comes with integrated walking maps, which will ensure you can always find your way.

We developed this free travel guide app for iOS and Android in partnership with West Cork People. The app will be updated with new content throughout 2013.

Train STA

Company: Swimming Teachers’ Association
Platform: Apple iPad – Retina Display compatible
Status: Version 1.1.3 available on the iTunes App Store

This free iPad app enables registered members to log in to their STA account and access purchased training programmes. Once logged in, the app enables registered users to view the latest STA news, read the programme course texts and take the assessments within the app. Upon completing the assessments, the app downloads and presents the awarded certificates, with the options to print them or send them via email.

The iPad-exclusive app is available on the iTunes App Store and is completely free. A Train STA account is required to use the app – you can register for an account on the Train STA website and also get access to your first training course and assessment for free. Further training programmes must be purchased via the website. You can download the app via the official App Store page for the app.

Little App Review

Company: Collaboration between Cellcode and Sans Deputy Creative
Platform: the web
Status: Live

Little App ReviewLittle App Review is a website that publishes very concise reviews of mobile apps. Inspired by Twitter, the tiny reviews load onto the page as you scroll down and each review contains a link to the app on the App Store. The website also features a search function, list filters, an app submission page, social network sharing and a short link generator.

The web application is developed, managed and owned by Cellcode. The reviewers are responsible for the website content, which is controlled via a management dashboard which automatically imports data and icons from the iTunes Store.


Company: Collaboration between Cellcode and Sans Deputy Creative
Platforms: Apple iPhone and iPod touch
Status: Retired – no longer available on theiTunes App Store

Developed by Cellcode and designed by Sans Deputy Creative, TweetCompare enables you to select users from a list of all your contacts on Twitter and then compare the number of tweets posted, number of followers, number of users following and the number of times listed in a dynamic bar chart.

The last released version on the App Store added launch day support for the larger screen on the iPhone 5. The app was retired and removed from the App Store in January 2013 due to changes to the Twitter API and usage policies.

TweetCompare may one day return in another format.


Company: DFASS Group
Platforms: Microsoft Windows CE and Windows Mobile
Status: in use by airlines worldwide, undergoing enhancements

SkyShopper is an electronic point-of-sale Windows CE app in use by airlines all over the world. It is used in-flight for recording sales and accepting payment for duty free goods, meals and tickets. It is highly regarded amongst its customers and users, including cabin crew, cash officers and bonded warehouse operations staff, as being an intuitive and easy to use system that saves time and money.

It has been a core product of Initium’s business since 2002 and has enjoyed continuous development and product refreshes since then. An ambitious project to re-write SkyShopper from the ground up using the latest development tools and C# programming language began in late 2007. During my time as an employee at Initium, I was involved in the development of SkyShopper as part of the team and contributed to some of the core functionalities of the product.


Company: Activ8 Intelligence Ltd
Platform: the web (desktop browsers)
Status: Live

DataPurity is a web application that offers a simple and cost-effective way to manage and maximise the accuracy, availability and consistency of your data by ensuring:

  • All of your business data is correctly formatted, of the correct type, within prescribed ranges and with nothing missing and nothing duplicated.
  • Multiple data sources are internally consistent.
  • Data is consistent with any relevant external data sources.
  • Your data complies with your own business rules.

Wherever your organisation has a data quality issue, DataPurity can help to solve the problem.

You can read more about this great product on the official product website and please do not hesitate to contact the Activ8 Intelligence sales team if you have data quality issues in your organisation.

HRintelligence Data Integration Services

Company: Activ8 Intelligence Ltd
Platform: Windows
Status: Live

The HRintelligence Data Integration Services is a suite of applications that provides HRintelligence, Activ8 Intelligence’s flagship web application and HR Analytics service, with the ability to collect, securely transfer, process and store data from clients’ source systems.

By automatically consolidating data from multiple sources into one central database, Activ8 Intelligence’s HR analytics tool allows you to quickly calculate, view, analyse and share key organisational and HR metrics.

Coming prebuilt with over 250 HR reports and metrics and flexible, customisable dashboards, this powerful HR analytics tool allows HR professionals to:

  • Drill down deeper into the data to identify trends.
  • Conduct root cause analysis.
  • Benchmark between teams, departments, sites etc.
  • Identify potential risk and hot spot areas that need further action.
  • Highlight success areas that can be shared.

You can read more about this great product on the official product website and please do not hesitate to contact the Activ8 Intelligence sales team for more information about how HRintelligence can benefit your organisation.